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Monday, January 22, 2007

Personalized Water Village Tour

Originally posted by Reza Faizal
Kampong Ayer girls
How did you spent your Saturday morning public holiday?

We saw this three girls sitting infront the house ladder, put their feet in the river, relax and cool down.

Myself, I've decided to join the shutter bugs on a Kampong Ayer outing. First stop was Jing Chew for a breakfast, I reach there first followed by Bruneian, Ber (found out I knew him already, what a small world), UcingItam, KantaLensa & son, AnakBrunei with two ladies.

After breakfast we head off to bandar. Everyone gather at the tambing (place we get the boat). Overthere I got to meet and introduce myself to Zadm and Shai.
Waiting for the boat
Got a boat with a roof top (good idea!) and so the tour begin. We have our very own tour guide aka Bruneian to tell us lots of information and the names of the Kampong. Well, I forgotten most of the names already, next time I got to bring a notepad. We first go towards the Kota Batu direction.
Boat with roof top
Half-way through the tour, we got a chance to go out the boat to buy some drinks at the "Kedai Runcit" at Kampong Bolkiah 'B' and do our own little business. After that we head off towards the SOAS Mosque and Kiulap direction before we end our journey.

[Insert photo of the Kedai Runcit here]
Shutter bugs, anyone please send me one photo please!

On the way back the boat run out of fuel but no worries, he got reserve fuel tank.

The outing was fun, enjoyable and very informative. I got to meet up with fellow bloggers/shutter bugs whom I met for the first time. Hope I can join them again sometime soon!

The tour guide

Notes :

Other items to bring on this type of outing apart from the camera and accessories :

  1. Small towel
  2. Bottle of water
  3. Pen and small notepad
  4. One plastic bag
  5. Some cash


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