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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wasai Wong Kadir

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The Wong Kadir Waterfall or Wasai in Labi has to be Belait district’s best kept secret and most talked about waterfall in the Sultanate remotely situated in the Labi forest of Rampayoh.

Although it takes a workout for you to walk up and down the jungle treks including the steep ridges, the 30 minutes strenuous stride makes it all seem worth it.

The 12 foot waterfall is located at the end of a rather ardous uphill jungle trek. The trail is not fully laid out and riddled with tree roots. It’s a treacherous journey cuz I fell on my knees at one point, blame it on my shoes durability too.

I and four other colleagues embarked on a one day ‘directionless’ adventure last Sunday to seek for civilization in the remote areas of Mukim Labi and of course popular tourist’s spots. An hour-and-a-half drive from the capital through Labi road would lead you to this wondrous place. From the Labi road entrance, its about 60 kilometres away.

At the entry you can find few shelter huts for those who just wanna have a relaxing retreat and dip at the cool lake below. Other facilities include a parking area and public toilets. Since it is a school holiday, it’s not surprising that many families and students were there for a picnic and short camping trip. But of course the real treasure of Wong Kadir is the waterfall on top.

Since Belait has been experiencing showers lately, the path is quite slippery so watch your step. Breathe in the fresh air and smell the rainforests. While walking along the trail, listen carefully to the trickling of water from the river as it flows over the rocks and also sounds from the forests

Our ears frankly served as a guiding compass and two of my colleagues who were not keen to take up the challenge at first but finally caved in after much persuasion were so relieved to reach the flat land. There were few picnic huts with trekkers BBQ-ing at the available pit. But my eyes were set on the waterfall behind.

I was so eager to dip my foot inside the cool and calming waters of the lake. But getting all wet was not part of the plan cuz I carry no spare clothing.. silly of me. Folding my three quarter knee length denim up, I approached the cool waters. The rock pebbles on the water bed serves as free foot massage.

Unenthusiastic at first, my colleague Yusrin was all of a sudden out of this world and went into the waters fully clothed. I can’t say much about Azrol though.. He’s a wild and free kinda guy.. jumping into the lake with a loose one piece.. hahaa Well, what happens in Wasai, stays in Wasai!

Letting out the inner child in us, we splashed water at each other not realizing that we were totally soaked. As I said that was not part of the plan.. but then the water is just too good to miss out…

We spotted fishes swimming and one of the trekkers actually brought plastic bottle to catch live prawns.. good catch I must say.

We spend an hour chatting about life and work and of course drying ourselves before we head back.

Yusrin who complained that his ankle was aching before was surprise that the pain had disappeared after getting out of the water. So we like to believe that the natural water could have therapeutic effects..

Despite the natural beauty, I have to point out that there were reported cases of drowning resulting in fatalities at the waterfall. So guys, stick to the shallow side of the lake. And believe it, I am not superstitious but if you ask the old folks and locals who are familiar with the area, they’ll deliver these advice, “Jangan Cabul”.. so we try to be on our best behaviour.

Speaking to the Mukim’s Penghulu, I was told that there are plans to upgrade the waterfall park very soon by constructing chalets and jogging tracks. Let’s just hope it will materialize by next year.

Labi experience in itself is a great adventure, so as you drive along do drop by at Luagan Lalak recreational park. Although in a state of dilapidation, it is still worth a stop and…..

…. get to know how native Iban lives in remoteness of the lush jungles and manage to preserve the tradition of staying in a longhouse. Those are just among many other interesting spots in Mukim Labi

Please include Wasai Wang Kadir among one of your to-do-lists on a perfect Sunday with your loved ones, you won’t regret it.. I promise. Lastly wear protective gears, slap loads and loads of sunscreen…and have fun…


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